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Porter Mufflers were first made popular back in the 30's and were manufactured by the Porter Brothers in Los Angeles, California.  They retired in the late 70's and sold their rights to their best customer, Gene Fechter of Minneapolis, MN.  Gene built them for the next decade until his retirement.

The rights were then passed on to Dave Babler of Mound, MN.  Now his son, Clark Babler manufactured them with some new improvements on the classic design.  Their deep, throaty rumble is very unique.

The rights to Porter Mufflers were then purchased by Tom & Dorothy Conlan of Maple Grove, MN.  Now Porter Mufflers is able to be run in tandem with their sister company RavenWorks, who produces automotive parts and also has a full service machine shop.  Clark babler was able to stay on and continues to hand build all the mufflers for Porter Mufflers.


Porter Mufflers is excited about continuing to produce a great sounding, high quality, hand built muffler that is made in the U.S.A.

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